I love Korean gui and one of my favorite places to get my fill of Korean barbecue is in Makchang A.S. Fortuna.

Come by before the rush hours so you’d be able to choose where to sit in at this 10 -table Korean grill restaurant. My friends and I love dining in at the corner, where the leather couch is with a brick wall backdrop, because aside from the chairs with backrests, it’s a great spot to take group photos as well.

Makchang Premium Meat Korean Grill offers unlimited sides with your order. The sides are just the basic though – soup, lettuce, kimchi, garlic, pickled onions, sweet potatoes and the sauces – sogeum & huchu gileumjang (salt & pepper in olive oil) and gochujang (red chili paste).

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Makchang Premium Meat Korean Grill Restaurant

Aside from the samgyeopsal (pork belly), I love the dwaejigalbi too! The marinated boneless pork rib is tender and has a tinge of sweetness. No need to dip in sogeum & huchu gileumjang, as it’s flavorful as it is. Plus, Makchang uses charcoal to grill the meat, so you’d get that roasty, smokey barbecue taste. Yum!

Makchang Premium Meat Korean Grill AS Fortuna branch is located at A Space AS Fortuna Mandaue City. Operating hours is 11:00AM to 4:00AM daily. For inquiries and reservations, Call (032) 410 8453.