In the 1990s, Cebu’s fastfood scene only had Macjoy and Orange Brutus, and dining in at either is a joyous event already – picture out kids today getting ecstatic over a meal at Jollibee in the present; that’s exactly the same kind of happiness!

Brutus Cheese burger, fries and mango shake was the cool kid’s combo then. haha! Over the years, “the brute you love” added new items on the menu, including the “Sizzling burger steak, ‘ which I had two nights ago at their 24-hour outlet in IT Park.
I actually thought of why I instantly order the Sizzling Burger Steak whenever I go for a quick meal at Orange Brutus the moment I settled on a seat at one of the corners of the fastfood resto. Most probably because I got used to having this since I was young. Yeah, that must be it. Orange Brutus’ Sizzling burger steak is a burger patty served on a sizzling plate and poured with a bit briney-tasting gravy, making you order an extra serving of rice, or two. Teehee.

Orange Brutus IT Park is located at i2 Building and is open 24 hours.

Have you tried this Orange Brutus’ bestseller? How’d you like it? Drop your answers on the comment section. 😉