Swinging by iTealicious Milk Tea to cap the evening last night reminded me of my first visit at Formosa Milk Tea. The scent of freshly brewed tea enveloped the cargo trailer turned milk tea & coffee station, which made me excited to finally sip on a serving that was highly recommended by fellow food blogger, Marco of #LamiKaayo.

Owned by a Taiwanese, there’s that perception that their milk tea will be really good, knowing that the drink was invented by the people of Taiwan. Tried the Black Pearl Milk Tea but since they ran out of pearls, I had the coffee jelly sinker instead. I usually have my drink with zero sugar and less ice, but forgot to mention it when I ordered so ended up having it with full sugar and ice. Surprisingly, the tea taste was still noticeable. It truly did not disappoint. Another place that I’ll be frequent at to have my milk tea fix for sure.
Can’t wait to try the other milk tea varieties on the menu.

iTealicious also offers free milk tea delivery within IT Park Cebu for a minimum order of P600. Just call 09177743055 to place your order.

iTealicious is located at San Miguel Road, Apas Cebu City. Operating hours is from 10:00AM to 12:00 Midnight daily. Accepts cash payments only. Free Parking available at Harrison Park Apas.