I pass along A.S. Fortuna almost everyday and I have been looking forward for the opening of Mega Milk,and just this week they finally opened and had the chance to drop by earlier to try the house specialty, Pearl Milk Tea.

I always order my milk tea with zero sugar and less ice so I can enjoy the tea and milk taste. I thought their Pearl Milk Tea tasted a bit flat on the tea flavor, and more of the powdered creamer. Their pearls though were chewy and gooey which I love. Their milk tea’s not bad at all, but could use a bit more of the tea kick. Will be back for sure to give their Pearl Milk Tea another shot, and to try the fresh milk series as well.

The place is cute by the way! And they have tea delivery too. You may contact them at 09272711918.

Visit Mega Milk Cebu at 998 AS Fortuna Mandaue City Cebu. Accepts cash payments only. No parking space available.

Mega Milk Cebu Menu as of March 2, 2019.