CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice finally opens its first branch in Cebu.

The interiors of this CoCo branch works around with wood and cement accents, with bleached wood furnitures and powder cream colored foams, resembling a bit more like a lounge of an intimate resort or a quaint li’l cafe.

With the milk tea hype still on the rise, CoCo has been one of the brands that Cebuanos have been looking forward to open here in the metro. If you are new to the brand, here’re some suggestions you can try when swinging by the newest milk tea place in Cebu.

One of my favorites is the Panda Milk Tea. It combines two kinds of boba in a drink- the white smaller pearls and the sweet roasty tasting chewy black pearls.

Another favorite is Salty Cream Wintermelon Tea. Just love how wintermelon tea tastes like a toasty caramel drink, and CoCo’s signature Salty Cream adds a velvety texture that’s slightly salty to balance the sweet wintermelon tea.

Taro Milk Tea has taro bits that makes each sip a bit more thick in consistency, a bit creamier and fuller.

Salty Cream Matcha Slush is made with tea, milk and ice. I personally love matcha so this one is a winner for me specially during super warm days.

Two faves in each sip, the Chocolate Milk Tea with pudding and pearl is a foolproof mood upper. Yum!

Lemon Dunk is refreshing lemon tea with lemon slices – a thirst quenching fresh drink indeed!

Swing by CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Cebu at the upper level of SM Seaside City Cebu. They operate during mall hours, from 10:00AM to 9:00AM daily.