Just like the rest of the world, you can see a long line of customers at milk tea places in Cebu City. But it seems like Lapu-lapu City has not yet been hit by the craze, or maybe it’s just that there are just a few choices to pick from, and most of them are the so-so MT tasting brands?

I often drive along M.L. Quezon National Highway whenever I go to nearby resorts and for several instances, I’ve noticed this milk tea sign along the street at an arcade across Mactan New Town. Finally got the chance to drop by yesterday.

Walked-in and there were no other customers inside, except a guy who was sitting in one of the chairs who was doing an inventory. The counter seemed very busy with a Chinese girl at the cashier and 4 Filipino guys preparing orders for delivery. Since there were too many orders for delivery, I had to wait for about 15minutes for my drink.

I had a medium Golden Pearl Milk Tea. Surprisingly the taste was very similar with the ones I had in Shenzhen. Their milk tea had a creamier texture and a floral hint, and boba pearls were gummy and chewy. Not bad for the house’ specialty priced at P110 for medium and P130 for the large size. Regular Pearl Milk Tea is at P100 and P120 for medium and large sizes respectively. A few drinks on the menu got me really interested to come back – the ‘three brothers of milk tea’ (P150-Large) and ‘coconut milk tea’ (P100 and P120, medium and large). Join me next time? Leggo!

Met Tea Mactan is at 3 M.L. Quezon Road National Highway, Lapu-lapu City Cebu. They are open from 10:30AM -10:00PM daily. FREE Parking is available. For questions and deliveries along M.L Quezon Road, you may call or message 09272000987.