It’s officially the perfect season for coffee-lovers as we transition into the coziest time of the year. With the chilly weather and with more customers seeking the comfort of a good cup of joe, this season marks the best time to explore and discover well-crafted coffee beverages.

While Pinoys may not experience crisp autumns at home, Starbucks is bringing everyone the smooth and creamy flavors of fall with their brand new beverages, handcrafted with heart, to enjoy during this cool time of the year. Available for a limited time only starting September 10.

A returning favorite is the Asian Dolce Latte, a drink which celebrates the classic Starbucks latte with a twist from the east. The Asian Dolce is made with rich shots of premium espresso. However, the added kick to the
beverage is the specially-developed sweet dolce sauce which perfectly blends with creamy steamed milk, giving it a rich, velvety texture. For the final touch, the beverage is topped with Turkish coffee grounds.

Giving customers a taste of flavors from all over the world, Starbucks is also taking inspiration from the iconic Irish Cream Coffee by incorporating delicious Irish Cream to two indulgent beverages.

The Irish Cream Coffee Jelly Frappuccino ® is an instant pick-
me-up, crafted with signature Coffee Jelly Frappuccino ® infused
with Irish Cream, topped with a smooth and rich espresso
whipped cream, and dusted with finely ground espresso powder.
There’s also the Irish Cream Cold Brew, made with a custom
blend of Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee, slow-steeped, then topped
with a float of Irish Cream, creating a silky smooth coffee
Step into your favorite Starbucks and let each smooth sip of its
handcrafted beverages give you the autumn feels!