Starbucks opens its first Reserve branch outside Metro Manila today, 22 December 2019! Finally, Southsiders can now try Reserve exclusive roasts and blends, and choice drinks in AyalaMalls Central Bloc Cebu!

The Starbucks Reserve Menu
Reserve branches offer exclusive roasts and blends, alongside Starbucks brews and beverages. Sit by the Reserve bar and learn more about the seasonal and exclusive brews from the Starbucks Baristas!

Try select beans prepared in different methods for you by your Starbucks baristas – siphon, chemex or pour-over to name a few.

The Starbucks Reserve handcrafted espresso beverages are also worth trying, as each cup is made with small-lot Reserve coffee! And for those who love coffee and ice cream, you can indulge in Starbucks Reserve Coffee + Ice cream line, made with handcrafted small-batch coffee paired with vanilla ice cream. Check the Reserve menu for your reference.

The Ambiance
This Starbucks Reserve has a modern contemporary feel, finished mostly in wood and stone tile.

The Reserve bar has curve patterns at the background made with stone tile with golden trimming, that makes the backdrop look like layered waves, or a mountain peak.

One of the lounge’ walls has a mermaid tail pattern, and one has the siren design. Like most of the Starbucks branches, this one is homey and cozy. What sets this aside from other Reserve stores in the country is it’s more vibrant. Sporting touches of blue rather than the sleek black, monochrome touch, it kinda’ feels more home-like and mellow. Fits Cebu’s characteristic very well – home-like and a mellow island.

You can visit Starbucks Reserve Central Bloc Cebu at the ground floor, which is also accessible at the Corte entrance. They operate from 9:00AM -11:30PM daily.