We’ve all been cooking a lot lately while in quarantine due to the pandemic. And for sure, you’ve used at least one of these veggies on some of your recipes, and threw away all the “scraps.” Well, why not grow some veggies at home using these kitchen scraps, that might save you a some money. Here are 5 easy-to-grow greens from kitchen scraps.

1. Leeks.
Place the white bottom part with the root end in a glass jar with a little water and leave it in a sunny spot. The green leafy part of the plant will start growing in about 3 days to a week. When it’s good enough to use, just cut the leafy part and leave the white root end in water for it to continue growing. Be sure to change water every other day.
2. Basil.
Put basil in water to keep ‘em fresh longer, but after a week, it’ll grow some roots which you can replant. Put it in a pot and in a sunny spot.

3. Celery
Regrowing celery from stalk in a bowl of warm water (change daily) and place it somewhere sunny. Within a week, you’ll see leaves from. Then transfer into a pot with soil. Within a month, you’ll have usable stalks!
4. Carrot Greens
Put the tops of your carrot in a small dish with water and set them by sunlight. Within a few days, you’ll start to have greens you can use for salads, or greens to add to pesto for a more herby taste.
Bunch of fresh carrots with green leaves over wooden background

5. Lettuce
Place the base in a shallow bowl with little water, set near direct sunlight. After three days, you’ll see a few leaves. 

Have you tried growing veggies with kitchen scraps too? <3