These vegan doughnuts from Taz Kitchen are crazy delicious! Their doughnut is a bit chewy, like a soft smooth bagel, and I just love how it is not overly sweet like most commercial doughnuts. My personal favorite is the chocolate glazed, which was smothered with semisweet chocolate! Delish!

Taz Kitchen‘s vegan doughnuts are dairy and lactose free, eggless and has no animal bi-product. My brother, who is lactose intolerant, raved about how good the doughnut is when we consumed a half-dozen box earlier today with my dad. “I know right,” I answered him very agreeingly.

I shared the vegan doughnuts with my family, but had the chilled taho all for myself. It’s made with 100% pure soy milk processed with a seaweed based coagulant, making its consistency a bit similar to a jello. It’s sweetened with pure muscovado sugar syrup, and tapioca pearls to complete the taho experience.

Both the doughnuts and the chilled taho are satisfyingly delicious, not to mention very filling!

Try it yourself, and tell me what you think! 😉

To order, you may contact Taz Kitchen at 09990224172. You may get intouch with them through their socials as well: FACBOOK & INSTAGRAM.