Japanese food is one my personal go-to comfort food! And what I love about most about Japanese cuisine is the balance of flavors, and the use of the best and freshest ingredients that’s readily available in the locale.

Yesterday, I chanced upon Titan Foods’ Facebook account, and had a Japanese Maki Platter and Pickled Vegetables delivered today for afternoon snacks.

I got the Maki Platter to share with the family, which included a variety of sushi rolls – California maki, futo maki, kani maki, oshingko maki and kappa maki. Each sushi roll variety is also available in single servings, just in case you’re eating for one.

The Pickled Vegetables are deliciously crunchy in tangy sweet, light syrup. Aside from it to be a good snack item, it’s said that fermented food may help prevent blood sugar spikes, and its brine contains antioxidants C and E to boost immunity.

Japanese food is unassuming and straightforward! And one word to describe Titan Food PH’s Japanese treats is – DELICIOUS! 🙂

Order your sushi rolls and pickled vegetables at Titan Foods PH by calling 09176223930. You can also contact them and order through their socials, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.