It’s hard not to take notice of D’Bear Tea & Tee. With a quirky and edgy online presence, the homegrown milk tea brand appeals to mostly millenials and Gen z crowd. And the nifty merch, adds to the brands’ visibility.

D’Bear Tea & Tee has expanded to several locations, from its inaugural branch in Capitol to branches in Cebu IT Park, Pardo, Talisay and Mandaue, in as short as a few months, and during the quarantine period. A sweet success story!

Talking about sweet victories, D’Bear Tea & Tee gives you creamy texture and sweet notes in every cup of milk tea served! The Red Velvet Milk Tea was an easy favorite – tarty and sweet, and the chewy tapioca pearls to add up to the experience. Classic Milk Tea, Taro, Matcha and other flavors are available too. And for those who want to tone down on their sugar intake, you can request adjustment on the sweetness – 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

Check out D’Bear Tea & Tee’s merchandise too at their branches. D’Bear Tea & Tee is also available through third-party food delivery services, Grab Food and FoodPanda.

Get in touch with D’Bear Tea & Tee on FACEBOOK or through mobile, +63 961 558 4845.