If you’ve been to a Korean grocery lately and dropped by the ice cream freezer, you’ll spot a a purple Melona ice cream! Yes, that’s ube!

I got a box of 8 just recently, and since I have some soju in the fridge, not to mention it’s a Fri’YAY, it’s time to mix some sweet Ube Soju Cocktail! Basically the recipe is the same with Melona-ju, combining three ingredients: soju, Melona Ube and lemon-flavored softdrink.

Ingredients per glass:
1.) a shot (or two) of Soju
2.) 1/2 cup Sprite or 7Up
3.) Melona Ube
4.) Ice
5.) Shaker

1.) Put ice in the shaker and pour in soju and the lemon-flavored carbonated drink
2.) Shake it, and pour in a glass. You may opt not to put the ice with the mix to prevent the cocktail from diluting
3.) Then dip the Melona in the mix and stir. Let it melt for a few seconds, until the mix turns purple.
4.) Serve and enjoy!

If you want a stronger mix, you may do a half-and-half soju and carbonated drink blend. 😉