Home-based food businesses have become a trend since the pandemic where many of the sellers share their best family recipes and favorites. Most of the products I’ve tried from these home-based businesses are superbly delicious, and I’d say they’re made with the best ingredients and with love. And also, some go the extra mile with beautifully packaged products that compliments the delectable treats they offer.

Yesterday, my family and I bonded over sweet treats from Cali’s Patisserie and Desserts Cebu. And yes, they’re packaged handsomely! The muffins were in a transparent case with a black bottom holder, and the cookies and macaroons were placed in a black box with a brand’s personalized paper lining.

Aside from the presentation, the taste is a winner as well. My personal faves are the Walnut Choco and Almond Choco Banana muffins, and the macaroons!

It’s great that the muffins are the right amount of sweet, and half the size compared to those sold at coffee shops, which is good as you get a good amount of nuts and choco chips in every bite. Plus, you get to try another flavor on the second round. Teehee.

The macaroons taste like it’s made with the classic recipe, but instead of a raisin, it’s topped with a choco chip. Yum!

The chocolate cookie is delightfully very chocolatey, and the crinkles are moist on the inside – very much like a moist brownie but a cracked chocolate biscuit.

Well, don’t take my word for it and try these Cali’s treats for yourself. You may order through their socials – FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM, or through their digits +63999 155 1960.