What are vegan treats? Well, they’re delectable foodstuff that does not use animal products, which includes dairy and eggs. A few months ago, I raved about Chef Paula’s vegan doughnuts, and just last week, I’ve tried more vegan treats, plus drinks, this time from Barefoot Baklita (BB).

Halfway a bar of BB’s Squash Tablea Brownies, my subconscious flashed a thought of me going Vegan, but then a slab of ribs appeared, and I dissed the idea. Haha! But seriously, these Vegan treats are delish! BB’s Tablea syrup and matcha granola combo is a fave!

More great tasting signature goodies from BB include the Coconut Overload Macaroons, Tablea Candied Walnuts and Dark Chocolate Tablea Truffles. These vegan sweets are made without refined sugar, no artificial sweeteners and flourless.

And to complete your vegan snack experience are BB’s plant-based drinks – Cold Brew Hibiscus and Matcha Cashew Milk! If you like a tarty, floral drink to pair with your sweet treats, go for the Cold Brew Hibiscus! If you prefer creamy and nutty, the matcha cashew drink would be a perfect pair!

Trying something different can be a delicious experience too. And Barefoot Baklita convinced me that vegan treats are enticing and delightful. Well, if you know where to buy ’em! Get BB’s wholesome homemade vegan-friendly treats by ordering through BB’s socials: FB | IG. Get in touch with them through these digits – +639237399217.