It’s now easier to get a fix of our Chinese Cebuano comfort food as Harbour City Dimsum Group introduces it’s frozen dimsum packs, which are now available at Metro Supermarket Ayala Center Cebu and Central Bloc.

Dining in with the entire family at any Harbour City Group restaurant seems impossible for the meantime, but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our dimsum favorites with everyone in the household. With their products now available in frozen packs at the grocery stores, it gives us an alternative to enjoying dimsum at home with our loved ones. Just pop out a pack, defrost, steam and enjoy!

Here’s how to prepare a batch of siomai!

1. Defrost the frozen dimsum pack. Takes about 15-25 minutes, depends on how frozen it is.
2. Let the water boil, then let the steamer warm for about 5 mins. Don’t forget to brush a bit of oil on the steamer so the siomai won’t stick.
3. Steam siomai for 15-25 minutes.
4. Enjoy!
*** A pack has 15 siomai, and serves about 3-5 persons.

How to prepare a pack of Spring Roll

1. Defrost spring roll for about 15-25 minutes.
2. Warm the oil in the deep fryer or pan
3. Fry spring roll until golden brown
4. Enjoy!
*** A pack contains 15 Spring Rolls, and serves 3-5 persons

My family and I just polished off three plates of dimsum faves for dinner and we are stuffed. You too can enjoy a freshly steamed batch of siomai or a crispier, right -off-the-pan spring roll at home by getting your Harbour City Dimsum frozen packs at Metro Supermarket Ayala Center Cebu and Central Bloc.