Chopsticks are not required in enjoying these fun sushi donuts! Cebu’s first sushi donuts by Titan Foods provided a creative way to indulging in the classic Japanese fave – rice sushi!

A set of sushi donuts comes in an 8-piece serving, with pickled radish, pickles, Japanese mayo and wasabi on the side. Made with quality ingredients, each is well-seasoned and doles out a good taste balance. A bite on each variety gives different initial hints of flavors, but ends with a clean taste of satisfaction. The hint of sweetness and tart from mirin is noticeable, and I would say, pretty much the culprit for that neat finish. Wink!

Seriously love these Sushi Donuts! Order a set and you’ll get what I mean. Slide a DM on their socials : FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM to order, or by messaging them through these digits: 0917 622 3930. Oh, and they have a website too,

Get 2 sets of Sushi Donuts for only P598, and get 4 pieces more on the house! Promo valid until 31st October 2020.