Rice bowls are convenient, easy meals to grab and a straightforward choice when famished during busy times when we have our hands full -bustling with work or school. A complete asian meal – rice topped with a main dish, all we need is a fork to dig in and finish a filling fare in as short as 10 minutes.

I love to take slow meals in a plate using spoon and fork, or chopsticks. Getting a rice bowl as a meal is something I wouldn’t really consider to fill an empty stomach, unless it’s a Harbour City Dimsum steamed rice – which I consider a comfort food. Teehee! But busy days calls for briefer breaks, and I’d given a green light on rice bowls as meals. The problem is, there’s just a few that hawks a gratifying bowl.

A banker friend introduced me to Test Kitchen by Sunny Someday, and gave these three rice bowls a whirl. Well-prepared, well-seasoned, tasteful, gratifying and filling. Yes, these are attributes that would not normally describe a rice bowl. Because in here, these rice bowls from Test Kitchen, they’re not typical! Like serious! I’d consider them to be gourmet! I’ve tried all three varieties – Katsu Curry, Yakitori and Pork Belly, all distinctively tasty.

Yakitori Bowl is made with a bed of rice topped with chicken thigh meat skewers glazed with house’ recipe yakitori sauce, roasted tomato and soft boiled egg on rice.I appreciate how tender the chicken skewer was, was still a bit juicy, made even tastier with the yakitori sauce. The soft boiled egg which I mashed in with the rice was appetizing!

Katsu Curry Bowl is made with a bed of rice topped with breaded pork loin with mild Japanese curry, a side of fried potatoes and carrots. I love tonkatsu and this one did not disappoint! Crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside. Yes, a bit more of that curry sauce would make it even more delightful!

Pork belly Bowl is made with a bed of rice topped with pork belly marinated in house’ recipe soy based pork belly sauce, fried potatoes and french beans. Ahhh! A foolproof fix. Those tender slices of grilled pork, yum! The soft boiled egg would work with this bowl too! <3

Test Kitchen changed the way I feel about rice bowls. I could pretty much, take a slow meal with any of these bowls, and savor a truly good meal with a serving.

Check out Test Kitchen by Sunny Someday by visiting their socials: FACEBOOK | Instagram. Slide them a DM to order, or message them through these digits – +63995 450 5891.