With the debut of their specialty homemade product Mango Sticky Rice last August, Street Bites gives us more nostalgic eats from their family’s treasured recipes!

This time, they give us classic Filipino food faves from three generations ago. Family’s great gradmama Oping’s pollo empanada and embutido take the spotlight as their new offerings.

Meaty, juicy and flavorful, the ready-to-eat Oping’s Special Embotido is perfect with hot steaming rice, or in a sandwich. Some enjoy embotido fried and toasted, just like my brother. Personally, I like heating it a bit in the microwave for about 2 minutes on high, then make a sandwich and paired with hot choco, or coffee.

The classic chicken empanada is meaty and was surprised it wasn’t dry, compared to most pollo empanadas I’ve tried. A truly nostalgic treat that reminds me of my grandma too!

A foolproof afternoon snack Khao Tid Si, colored sticky rice, is perfect with a cold Thai Milk Tea! This is Street Bites version of Thailand’s Khao Niao Renbow or rainbow sticky rice. Would love this with extra coconut cream!

Try Oping’s Specials – Embotido & Pollo Empanada, and Colored Sticky Rice by ordering through Street Bites socials: : FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM. You may also reach them through these digits: +639491997319.