Who loves their food with a spicy kick? Whether if you just want a hint or a really fiery treat, Hungry Bite Kitchen got you covered!

Hungry Bite Kitchen makes and bottles their chili garlic oil, made with 100% natural ingredients, with no added preservatives! That means you are only getting all the goodstuff in every order.

When it comes to the level of spicyness of chili sauces, it depends on what food am having it with. For my dimsum faves, I want a full- bodied spicy sauce to go with it, so I’d definitely have the HOT Chili garlic oil with it. When making pancit canton, and when I want to add a tinge of chili, I’d use the mild one. The medium hot Chili Garlic Oil for sure would go well with a tuna pasta recipe.

I just enjoyed a serving of my dimsum favorites for afternoon snacks, and had it with Hungry Bite Kitchen Ph’s HOT sauce. The spice kicks in instantly, then the taste of toasted garlic and finishes off with a tarty, citrusy hint.

Spice up your life (teehee) with a bottle today! Order through HungyBiteKitchen’s social media pages – Facebook and instagram, or their shopee store!