Bread is the easiest way to fill up specially on busy days. Last week has been a bit hectic day for me and tried to run the day on good set of bread – morning breakfast with cream cheeseroll and coffee, a burger lunch and strawberry yogurt, and snack on a special filled ensaymada and kombucha!

Well, I wouldn’t complain having bread the whole day when it comes in different varieties and is as good as a box of assorted breads, plus burger, from Breads & Burgers Cebu!

Workweek morning meals are supposed to be quick and easy, and this soft, buttery cream cheeseroll is perfect with breakfast coffee. A quick fill to start the day! I had two servings with my morning cup by the way! (wink wink)

And for lunch, a tasty serving of BB burger made with flavorful homemade pan-grilled patty, lettuce, cucumber slices, tomato and special BB sauce between sesame buns. Cola would be the best pairing for burger, but strawberry yogurt is good too!

And for afternoon snacks, had these really good sweet ensaymada filled treats! The caramel and ube were instant favorites. Soft bread topped with buttery cream and cheese, and a special flavored filling to boot!

Breads & Burgers’ products are said to be made with LOVE that one will fall for. Well, I did! But don’t take my word for it and try it yourself!

For orders or inquiries, you may contact Breads & Burgers through their socials – Facebook and Instagram. You may contact them through mobile: +63 917 164 5099.