I love gogi gu-i! And hearing about the opening of Samgyeopsalamat here in Cebu got me giddy. Who doesn’t love unlimited samgyeopsal and lettuce wraps? Unfortunately, we were 16 on the waiting list during our visit and there was no sign of customers billing out anytime soon. So instead of sticking around, we drove to the nearby Hernan Cortes street to try out 4.15 Dining Room.

We ordered one serving of pork belly  (price P350 per serving as of 01/25/19) and 2 portions of marinated skirt meat (Price P350 per serving as of 01/25/19) that I’ll be sharing with two of my other friends. The three sets of meat came with one serving of egg souffle, garlic and chili, kimchi and dessert, plus refillable bean sprouts, salad and lettuce.
Samgyeopsal is pretty much the same with other Korean barbecue shops, but their marinated pork skirt tastes more flavorful and juicier than those I’ve tried here in Cebu.
During our visit, the service was very commendable, as their staff was very attentive, and friendly as well.

They also have boneless beef short ribs, pork jowls and collar.

Visit 4.15 Dining Room Korean Barbecue at FLC Center, 888 Hernan Cortes St. Mandaue City, operating from 11:00AM to 11:00PM from Tuesdays to Sundays, and from 2:00PM to 2:00AM on Mondays. Accepts cash payments only.