Korean Barbecue restaurants in Cebu commonly offer a variety of meat cuts to choose from and a delicious spread of sides and condiments to make each mouthful of K-BBQ extra. Good thing my closest friends love gogi-gui too, so when Korean barbecue cravings kick-in, they’re just a call away. And I currently have one restaurant on the top of my head that will SURELY SATISFY my appetite for K-BBQ, offering unlimited pork and beef cuts for a very affordable price.

UNLIMITED pork and beef cuts and refillable sides for under 500 bucks! Not bad at all. Samgyupsalamat offers two unlimited Korean BBQ packages – The Unlimited 1 which consists of 5 pork cuts, and Unlimited 2 which includes the 5 pork cuts , plus 5 beef cuts. Prices are at P449 and P499 respectively from 3:00PM-2:00AM. Happy hours are from 11:00AM -3:00PM for P399 and P449 respectively, and is not valid on the weekends and holidays. Rice, soup and sides are unlimited too. Set comes with iced tea. Minimum of two diners to avail of the Unli BBQ packages.

Meat Cuts
Pork 1: Dae Pae is thinly sliced pork belly. The cut’s appearance looks like a plane called Dae Pae in Korea, hence the name.

Pork 2: Bul Jib is tender slice of pork belly with criss-cross, honeycomb cuts.

Pork 3: Yangyum Dae Pae is thinly sliced pork belly with special, tasty seasoning sauce.

Pork 4: Gochujang Dae Pae is sliced pork belly marinated in gochujang sauce which is traditional Korean hot pepper soy paste.

Pork 5: Yangyum Buljib is a tender slice of pork belly marinated in special, tasty seasoning sauce.

Beef 1: Beef Samgyup are thin slices of beef.

Beef 2: Yangyum beef is beef short plate with special tasty, seasoning sauce.

Beef 3: Boolgogi is Korean style beef BBQ which is marinated with sweet soy sauce with fruit.

Beef 4: Gochujang Beef sliced beef marinated in gochujang sauce – traditional Korean hot pepper soy paste.

Beef 5: Sarsa Beef is thin slices of beef marinated in Filipino style sauce

My personal favorite cuts at Samgyupsalamat are the Yangyum Beef, Gochujang Dae pae, Yangyum Buljib. Looking forward to going back with friends.

Samgyupsalamat Unlimited Korean Barbecue Cebu Branch is located at M20 The Ridges Commercial Center F. Cabahug Street Kasambagan Cebu City, operating daily from 11:00AM to 2:00AM. Accepts cash payments only. For inquiries you may call 09267308200. Free parking at The Ridges Arcade.