A nearby food strip just opened where I do my laundry, and it was such a relief that I can now grab food while I wait. A few days back while I was strolling the short stretch after loading my clothes in the washer, I noticed a long table of 8 Indian people, and another Indian couple right beside the big group, were dining in at Namaste Indian/Filipino Restaurant, and it gave me the perception that this should be a good place to get Indian food.
The restaurant offers Indian and fusion dishes. I ordered the samosa and got me real curious with the ramen burger, so I got a set as well.

The samosa was good – flaky and crispy outer layer and smooth filling made with mashed potato, peas and spices. The Indian green chutney dip was a bit watered down for my taste, though.
The Ramen Burger indeed tasted like ramen, without the stock. Mix of cabbage, onion and other veggies, catsup, stacked between two crispy round noodles and topped with fried egg, the ramen burger was served on a black chopping board sided with fries and saucers of catsup, mayo and Japanese mayo. Pretty interesting flavors, I must say. Though I thought the ratio of the veggies and the crispy noodles was a bit not balanced. But overall, it was tasty and filling.

Will try their bestselling biryani on my next visit.

Namaste Indian and Filipino Restaurant
is located at MV Patalingjug, Pajo Lapu-lapu City. For inquiries, you may call them at 09434052411. Parking space available. Accepts cash payments only.