Today is Frozen Yogurt Day and let’s rewind the clock when FroYo was all the rage in Metro Cebu. 2010-2011 marked the peak of the frozen yogurt craze and here are a few of my personal fave brands that kept Cebu tarty cool during those years.

1.Frizberry Yogurt
As far as I can remember, Frizberry Yogurt was the first FroYo brand that opened here in Cebu. Owned by a young Cebuano couple, the brand started pretty strong with their signature Strawberry FroYo. The brand opened several branches in the city, but eventually closed down even before the craze ended.

2. CoffeeCat’s YoGo
This Davao coffee shop brand brought the YoGo premium FroYo in the metro, which was my personal favorite. Their FroYo comes in two flavors – Original and Green Tea! And I find the balance of tartiness and sweetness perfect, that is why it is my number one pick.

3. White Hat
My second most fave, White Hat’s Chocnut Cup! White Hat’s FroYo is sweeter than YoGo and Red Mango’s, but I like how it’s extra tangy. And they also have a list of topping suggestions, that I think was pretty cool and made FroYo fans lives easier. Teehee.

4. Red Mango
My third on the list of go-to yogurt places, Red Mango. Deliciously tarty and with good selection of toppings, it’s easy to fall in love with Red Mango. Plus it was conveniently located in Ayala Center Cebu.

5. Tutti Frutti
Make-your-own yogurt cup and pay by the ounce, Tutti Frutti was the most colorful FroYo shop in Cebu, with a variety of flavors to choose from. This was my niece’s most fave brand, as it’s sweeter than tarty.

6. Yummy Yo.
Balanced and a generous serving, Yummy Yo was pretty much my FroYo drive thru place whenever I craved for one when I am driving around Cebu City.

That time, I already expected that the FroYo craze would downtrend, leaving only the strong brands operating. But it was a real surprise that the fad completely died, leaving not a single good brand open by 2013.

It’s been over 6 years, and Cebu might yet again be ready for a good serving of FroYo. What do you think? Should a frozen yogurt shop open again in Cebu this 2019? Which brand would you love to see twirling soft serves with its FroYo Machine here in the metro?