Hurrah! Starbucks started issuing the stickers for the  much awaited 2020 planner and travel organizer  yesterday, November 2! Together with the launch are the seasonal holiday drinks that get us all hyped up for Christmas! This year, two new drinks  debut at branches nationwide – Wishing Dark Mocha, and Holiday French Vanilla Latte. Toffee Nut Crunch Latte and Peppermint Mocha make a comeback to delight fanatics of the all-time fave beverages. Each of these seasonal drinks earn us a sticker that brings us closer to completing the 18 stickers needed to get that planner or travel organizer before the promo ends on 7 January 2020.

For many of us who are collecting stickers not only for our own planner or travel organizer, but also for gifting to friends and family, we want to fast-track our way to getting our hands on more planners and travel organizers. Thus finding ways to get the our hands on them the most affordable way possible.

And here’s the most-cost effective way we found to complete those 18 stars, and get your hands on the Starbucks  2020 limited edition planner or travel organizer.

For Coffee Lovers

18 Tall Brewed Coffee at P110.00 each –  P1,980.00
For Tea Lovers
18 Tall or Grande Full-leaf Brewed Tea (iced or Cold) – P2,160.00

The planners come in two designs and colors – Berry Pink and Frost Gray.

The Travel Organizers also come in two designs and colors -Coffee and Neo Mint.

The promo begins on November 2, 2019 and ends on January 7, 2020. Within this period, customers may collect
one sticker for every purchase of any Tall, Grande or Venti Starbucks handcrafted beverage. The Starbucks
Philippines 2020 Planner and Organizer can be redeemed upon the completion of at least 18 stickers. Subject to
availability, the redemption in stores will be from November 2, 2019 to March 7, 2020.

So which one are you getting first? 😉