BubbleZ is now open in Cebu! The milk tea house that originated in Taichung Taiwan in the 90s is now brewing their specialty milk teas and fruit juices in the Queen City of the South!

For those who haven’t tried any drinks from BubbleZ yet, here are two of our personal favorites from the brand that you might want to try when you swing by Bubble Z Cebu!

BubbleZ’s Brown Sugar Jenju Latte is made with premium milk tea, brown sugar pearls and topped sea salt cream cheese! It’s creamy, sweet and tarty and still with that hint of tea that we look for in a cup of milk tea!

We also love the Fresh Fruit Tea, made with premium brewed tea and slices of fresh fruits like apple, pineapple, grapes, calamansi and orange. If you like it to taste even more fruity, set the sugar level at 50!

Aside from using freshly brewed teas in every BubbleZ cup (they discard unused tea every four hours), you also get more with BubbleZ. Yes, BubbleZ serves 50ml more compared to other milk tea houses, meaning you get more sips of tea goodness with BubbleZ!

Visit BubbleZ at iL Corso City di Mare, South Reclamation Project, Cebu City. They are open from 9:00AM to 9:00PM daily.