My grandmother used to bake cookies for us. My sister and I were in charge of measuring the ingredients, then our grandmom puts the components one by one, manually mixing them first before putting them in a powered blender. And the moment the scooped dough were lined up and baking in the oven, we’d watch them transform from balls to round cookies, while snuffling the sweet delicious smell of confection enveloping the kitchen.

The moment I had my first bite of Tati’s Dark Chocolate Walnut Cookie and started chewing, I caught myself smiling as it reminded me of the times with my gradma and her delectable homebaked cookies. My grandma baked only with the best ingredients, and with love. And I experienced that while reveling in Tati’s Dark Chocolate Walnut (DCW) Cookies.

Tati’s (DCW) Cookies are thick and chunky, heavier and bigger (palm-size) than the regular cookies sold in local artisan bakeries. The best thing about Tati’s cookies is you get the flavor you are promised in each bite. Not to mention, it’s just the right amount of sweet! Each nibble, I got to chomp on gob of walnut and dark chocolate. Tati’s DCW Cookies are sooo delish, I ate two in one sitting while watching a movie on Netflix.

Currently browsing on their instagram (@TatisCookiesCebu), and I can’t wait to try the Double Chocolate Cookies, and the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter too!

Visit their instagram and slobber over ’em delicious photos of their thic cookies! Order your Tati’s Cookies now by sending them an email to, or through text to +639173222069.