For sometime, I got to live in a dorm in college, and this had been one of my go-to snacks when studying ’til late in the morning. The easy-to-make, less than 5 minute, 2-ingredient brownie cup is fairly a good twist to the classic twist-cookie-and-dunk-in-milk way to enjoy the snack duo.

Yes, you only need two ingredients – (6 pieces) cookies & cream (Cream-O or Oreo) & fresh milk.

In a glass, break the cookie with a spoon, until it’s in chunky pieces. Add milk, to the level of the broken cookies. Then set microwave to high, and put the glass in for 2 minutes.

Turn it into ala mode by adding a scoop of your favorite ice cream flavor, drizzle over your syrup of choice and sprinkle some nuts! You may add it directly to the cup, or serve it in a saucer.