Chicken pops are a great tasting, bite-sized snacks that’s packed with protein. It’s a great substitute to popcorn if you are cutting on carbs, and loading on lean muscle building protein.
You can skip on the marinade part, but if you want each bite to be tastier and more tender, I highly recommend you let the marinade sit for an hour to overnight.

*Estimate Time Total to Cook : 30 minutes (10 mins prep, 20mins cook time)
*Marinate time is one hour to overnight, to make the chicken moist and tender.
* Yields 4 snack sized servings

1/4 kilo chicken fillet (cut into bite size cubes)
1/2 cup cornstarch
1 egg
1 cup oil for frying

Seasoning Powder (optional)
3 tablespoon Barbecue Powder

1 tablespoon lemon juice
2 teaspoons of coarsely ground black pepper
2 tablespoon olive oil
salt to season
2 tablespoon butter (melted at room temperature)

Marinade Procedure:
1.Prep the chicken for the marinade. Put thawed bite-sized cuts of chicken fillet in a bowl with all the marinade ingredients. Mix well, and marinate for an hour or overnight in the fridge (not the freezer).

Cooking procedure:
1. Pour the oil in a frying pan and wait for it to heat up.
2. While waiting for the oil to heat up, beat the egg in a bowl.
3. Put the cornstarch in another container
4. Then one by one, dip the bite-sized chicken fillet cuts in the egg then roll in cornstarch.
5. Then fry them for about 5-7 mins. It’s best if you do the frying in two batches, frying 1/8 kilo of chicken per batch.
6. Drain the cooked chicken pops on sheets of paper towel to remove excess oil.
7. In a shaker container, place the cooked chicken pops and add the flavoring powder and shake.
8. Enjoy!