Whenever I visit Singapore, I usually stay at my friends’ flat in Balestier road – a spot in Novena known for Singapore’s best ba ku teh and chicken rice!

The famous Loy Kee Chicken Rice is one of my favorite spots to get the Hainanese chicken rice, and I always pair the meal with a mug of my favorite Milo Dinosaur.

Milo Dinosaur is sweetly nostalgic, and a serving always reminds me of my childhood days when I get a glass of cold Milo drink as an afternoon treat. But this SG classic beverage is just extra malty, creamy and chocolatey – and I love it! So decided to make it at home, and here’s how!

4 tbsp Milo Powder
1 tablespoon Condensed creamer (condensed milk)
1/4 cup hot water
3/4 cup of cold fresh milk
1/4 crushed ice or ice cubes
2 heaping tablespoon of Milo powder

1. In a tall glass (about 350ml), mix the 4 tablespoon Milo Powder, condensed milk and hot water. Mix well until Milo powder is dissolved.
2. Pour in 3/4 cup of cold water (or fresh milk) and mix with a stirrer.
3. Add ice
4. Top with Milo Powder
5. Enjoy