My late grandmother is an expert “kakanin” maker, and one of my favorites is her ube halaya. She makes it with boiled ube, grates ’em and then caramelized with milk and cream, bottled up tasting like ube ice cream.

I have a soft spot for anything ube as it reminds me of afternoon snacks with her, and those happy memories somehow made me feel strongly to try almost anything ube I come across with – may it be at a restaurant, cafe or online. And just yesterday, I chanced upon UBEC Cakes on Facebook, selling a variety of Ube cakes, and other pastries.

I had an ube cake in a tub (P150) and an Ube Cake Supreme in a tin can (P350) from UBEC Cakes delivered today. As I opened both the lids off to take pictures and videos for instagram, the aroma of ube oozed out, urging me to do the shoot quick, and move on fast to testing ’em.

Ube in a tub is made with ube chiffon, ube filling, and topped with more ube butter frosting. I’d described it to be very ‘ubelicious’. The thing that I appreciate the most is that its sweetness is just right, with a buttery hint that complimented well. And the bits of ube gave it a gritty texture, which I love. If you like your ube to be more ube tasting than just plain sweet, then this one you’ll like.

Ube Cake Supreme is made with layers of ube chiffon and ube filling in between, then topped off with ube cake crumbs. If you like your ube cake with more chiffon than ube frosting, then this one is for you. And it comes in a 6 inch tin can which is very convenient, not to mention pretty slick, to give as a gift.

Do check out UBEC Cakes & Pastries on Facebook and Instagram to try these ube delights yourself. You can also order through their mobile number,
0917 167 6155.