Get your ice cream fix by ordering through MOONSKY & SUNNY’s website and get FREE next-day delivery!

Choose from 20 gourmet ice cream flavors, made creamier and with just the right amount of sweetness to tickle your tastebuds! Moonsky & Sunny Ice Cream is handcrafted from natural ingredients, with a variety of classic favorite flavors, as well as unique ones.

Here’s your Moonsky & Sunny flavor cheat sheet:

  1. Say Cheesecake – blueberry cheesecake
  2. Yellow Cream Rafting – mango float
  3. Dark Vader – dark chocolate
  4. Browneese – creamcheese and brownie
  5. Panda Mime – cookies & cream
  6. Baracky Road – rocky road
  7. Tahitian Vanilla – classic vanilla
  8. Halong Day – dark roast Vietnamese style coffee
  9. Dark Orange – dark chocolate infused with mandarin orange
  10. MintleToe – mint, dark chocolate
  11. Matcha Do About Nothing – matcha green tea
  12. Yelly Berry – strawberry banana
  13. Mang Gose – ripe mango
  14. Fluffle Fluff – choco straciatella with mallows
  15. Milo Locha – malted iced cafe mocha
  16. Black Forest – dark chocolate with tangy cherry kick
  17. Santa’s Snacks – three kinds of milk and lady fingers
  18. Lemon Lemon Sinta – kalamansi
  19. Yummy Tummy Treat -yogurt
  20. Red Velvet – velvety chocolate in a rich cream cheese base

All 20 flavors are available in 500ml mini-tubs and 1.5L tubs, and 18 for the 250ml cups.

I just had my fill of Say Cheesecake and Baracky Road! It was extra hot today, which was perfect time for ice cream! Taking photos of these frozen treats was a real challenge though.

Moonsky & Sunny’s FREE next-day delivery is available for addresses in the cities of Cebu, Talisay and Manduae for a minimum online purchase of P295.

FREE same-day delivery for orders of P1,000 and over for Cebu City, and orders of P1,500 and above for Mandaue and Talisay.

Mode of payments for online orders are credit card, GCash and bank transfer. Order your Moonsky & Sunny Ice Cream HERE.