There’s something extra special with anything home-made. For one, they’re done with extra love, just like how’d you’d like it for your family. Just recently, I chanced upon Chef Paula’s incredibly delicious Vegan Doughnuts, who then recommended me to try Chef Jude’s homemade burgers.

Hey Jude Burger is known for its Korean Fried Chicken Burger. It’s made with home-baked brioche sesame buns, chef’s special chicken patty, whipped with house dressing and veggie shreds with homestyle potato crisps.

I love chicken burgers, and Hey Jude Korean Fried Chicken Burger‘s spiced and juicy filleted chicken in crispy batter didn’t disappoint. The fresh cabbage shreds added more crunch to the mix, and those soft tasty brioche buns are just yum! A big bite starts with a soft bun munch, then a veggie crunch that quickly weaves with a juicy, tasty chicken patty. Ahhh, yes! Then you’ll find yourself taking another big bite! 😉

Hey Jude’s Double Patty Cheeseburger is made with 2 homemade beef patties, 2 cheese squares, homestyle crunchy onion rings in homemade brioche sesame buns, with potato crisps on the side.

So which one are you ordering first?

Hey Jude Burger offers pick up and deliveries. You may place your orders by messaging them on their FACEBOOK or by reaching them on their mobile number, 09329767762.