The ongoing trend with the deconstructed Japanese rolled sushi got everyone wrapping Japanese-inspired baked casserole on nori sheets.
Sushi Bake is made with ingredients of a sushi roll, but with generously more of the stuffings, and baked in a casserole! Ideally, you scoop up a spoonful, wrap in nori sheet and bolt it on go.

I lam a fan of Japanese food, and it’s easy to fall in love with Sushi Bake – if you know where to get the good ones. Japanese food is about balance, and this Sushi Bake pans I got from Ikigai Japanese Fix Cebu are just right on like that of Nihon flavors. Good ratio of toppings and rice to get you scooping out spoonfuls until you’re a full tank.

I got to try two (2) Ikigai Japanese Fix sushi bake pans – the mango kani and the spicy scallop. The Mango Kani had ample slices of sweet mangoes, shredded kani strips and cheesy mayo. The Spicy Scallops had real scallops, and was mildly spicy. Both seriously good, but I have a soft spot for mangoes! Their Mango Kani is now a personal favorite.

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