Packaged in a brown kraft box and sealed with a paper lace and brown ribbon bow, these Milk Cheese Donuts from The Bakery Boutique by Jhomes (TBBJ) are packaged handsomely and are truly gift-worthy .
Don’t you just love products that are swathed entrancingly? They personally thrill me to indulge on what’s inside.

Just last week, I had two boxes of the well-reviewed TBBJ treats, with their new bottled beverages – seven plant-based latte varieties.

TBBJ first got recognized for its milk cheese doughnuts that are made with high-grade ingredients – light and airy donut texture, with velvety creamy cheese filling.

Having my first piece, made me remember Holiday treats which is enjoyed with the people that matters most – family! Absolutely nostalgic! A bite starts with the cheesy sweet zing from the powder, then a fluffy (and a bit chewy) donut, and ends with a silky cheese taste. And yes, it’s delicious!

TBBJ recently added bottled plant-based latte on their menu, made with 100% Ethiopian Arabica beans with nut milk. As expected from most South America beans, it has fruity notes and hint of nuts. The coffee has a delicate body which works well with nut milk – summing a sip to be nutty in taste, a silky balance, yet still complimenting the intensity of the espresso. The Hazelnut Mocha is my personal favorite!

And by the way, the donuts are best consumed the soonest. But just in case you want to enjoy them for later, you may microwave it for 15 seconds at medium temperature, or 90 seconds at 200 degrees using a toaster. Then dust them with some milk powder! Best enjoyed with their plant-based lattes!

Get your milk cheese donuts and plant-based lattes at The Bakery Boutique by Jhomes by ordering through these digits: 09175649097. You may also visit their socials to order, or for more information: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM.