Taking my first sip of chilled “Peaceful & Unusual” on a short glass, reminded me of summer last year – laying in the sand under the palm trees of Palawan Beach in Sentosa while listening to the waves hit the shore on a sunny afternoon.

Jigger & Gene’s Peaceful & Unusual is made with blended rum, tropical fruit and orgeat, which I find very nostalgic of tropical, sunshiny chillin’ like a villain by the beach kinda’ moment. What makes this medley good is that the layers of flavors are noticeable – warm and smooth, fruity and a hint of nutty sweet; and with a good kick of rum too.

Peaceful & Unusual – Blended Rum, Tropical Fruit, Orgeat

Jigger & Gene has concocted three fruity and summery cocktails and one mix to warm us up this BER months, then bottled ’em for us enjoy at the comforts of home, or wherever our next adventure destination is.

1. Peaceful & Unusual – Blended Rum, Tropical Fruit, Orgeat
2. Adios Amigos – Vodka, Thai Basil, dalandan, Lemon, Mandarine
3. Gypsy’s Nip – Gin, Lychee, Elderflower, grapefruit, lemon
4. The Ember – Tequila Reposado, Grapefruit, Jalapeño

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