The Federal Gourmet launched their Black Truffle Potato Chips the recent weekend, and they’re exquisitely good! A pack comes in a pint-size container and serves two, that’s if you are willing to share! Wink wink.

The experience starts the moment you open the tub of chips, when a light truffle scent is noticeable. A bite on the thin chip outsets a crunch, then a tinge of salt, and then a burst of mild truffle-y jolt. And yes, there’s no lingering aftertaste. 🙂

Truffle taste is distinct, and the satisfaction only comes from food and snacks infused or made with truffle. And this locally and freshly made Black Truffle Potato Chips hits the spot!

The Federal Gourmet’s Black Truffle Potato Chips are now available and you can get your tubs by sliding a DM on their official Instagram account!