Really happy to know that there’s at least one coffee delivery service in my city, Lapu-lapu City, that makes great handcrafted coffee! Kopa by BBE uses cold brew as their coffee base, giving each of its bottled serving a naturally nutty sweet note!

I am a fan of cold brew, and love it even more with milk, as it’s subtly sweet even without the sugar and made extra velvety with milk. Kopa Coffee captured everything I love about cold brew in a bottle – starts with a nutty taste of coffee, then a milky smooth texture and ending with a sweet note. And yes of course, a good caffeine kick to keep you productive for the day!

If you like cold brew without the milk, Kopa sells ’em too. But for those who like it milky like me, try the latte first to get the basic taste of milky white brew, then the other fun, sweet flavors.

You can order through their socials: Facebook | Instagram.